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Sprint SA is one of the leaders in the market of professional IT systems integration and advanced communications solutions. For over twenty years we have created and designed professional systems using the latest technologies.

The main server room placed in Sprint Data Center in Olsztyn, is ready to take 60 42U server racks. The air-conditioned room has a system equipped with a strict access control, a non-combustible technical floor and High Power Sector with intelligent floor ventilation system. An emergency power is supplied by a generator of 1000 HP with the possibility of continuous operation. All the elements are watched by VESDA fire protection system which is integrated with an aerosol fire extinguishing system.

Sprint Data Center has been designed and built with the use of the latest technologies applied in the construction of facilities of Data Center class. Our center received the result of 3/4 TIER in TIA standard (Telecommunications and Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers).

Quality certifications - ISO 9001, NATO AQAP 2210, WSK

Sprint Data Center offers products and services of the highest quality as evidenced by ISO 9001 Certification, AQAP 2110 Certification (NATO quality management system) as well as WSK (Internal Control System) Certificate. Sprint is one of two companies in Poland complying with NATO AQAP 2210 (concerning software quality assurance).