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Our data centers are located in USA, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thus, you can chose the most convenient option to decrease latency and, if necessary, arrange geo-replication of your data to a geographically remote area.

To ensure stability of our data center PODs, we keep them really cool. The air conditioning system of modern data centers is usually arranged according to the N+1 scheme. We care about reliability and stable performance of our services, so we always try to come up with the most redundant solutions. Our facilities are equipped with 2N redundant cooling systems.

We use hot & cold aisle containment cooling scheme in our data centers. It provides consistently low temperature in the cold aisle and low PUE (Power usage effectiveness) parameters.

  • Website: www.servers.ru
  • Address: ул. Большая Ордынка, д. 17 Москва, Russia