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Makonix company was founded in the 2011 by the enthusiasts of that time new “cloud” technologies. Since then we have done full upgrade of all infrastructure 3 times, connected more than 3000 clients from 97 countries and have not lost “the flame in our eyes”

Our history briefly:

  • The 2011: the first version of cluster on the base of Xen virtualization with Infiniband 10Gbps storage network is running
  • The 2013: the second version of cluster on the base of KVM virtualization and local storage system on the base of ZFS, the bandwidth of the data transfer network is increased till 10Gbps
  • The 2014: data center network upgrade, now it supports IPv6 by default
  • The 2016: the third version of cluster base on OpenStack, KVM virtualization and Ceph distributed storage system. Total network bandwidth reached 30Gbps.

We are Microsoft SPLA partner —  we lease licenses for software, RIPE NCC member — we have our own networks, also we are a gold partner of Intel.

Our equipment is located in LVRTC APC-based data center that was built in the 2014, it is one of the leaders in Latvia by power usage effectiveness (PUE).


Website: www.makonix.com

Address: ULBROKAS 23, RĪGA, LV-1021, LATVIJA