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Memset has two types of data centre designed to give you the optimal choice between highly cost-efficient hosting and high security services aimed at sensitive clients or complex compliance requirements, all whilst maintaining a market-leading competitive price for our services at each level. Our data centres are designed and built according to security best practices, are accredited to UK OFFICIAL & OFFICIAL over PSN Encrypted Overlay and primarily aligned at the IL2 and IL3 security requirements. Mappings to other security standards can be provided.

All Memset data centres include the following physical security controls:

  • Biometric authentication for access control
  • Management of visitors and contractors on-site including a requirement for pre-authorisation, presentation of photographic identification, visitor logging and badging
  • Comprehensive 24x7 monitored CCTV coverage, 90 days footage retention
  • Dedicated data centre facilities with appropriate stand-off perimeters (fencing, vehicle controls, etc.)
  • Defence-in-depth approach to the security of the hosting infrastructure from pedestrian and vehicle-born threats and unauthorised access
  • BPSS clearance of all staff with logical or physical access. Many cleared to SC level.

Memset high security OFFICIAL over PSN Encrypted Overlay accredited (IL3-aligned) data centres additionally include:

  • Class 3 strong-room construction or IL3-appropriate caging
  • Two-factor biometric authentication for access
  • Additional security monitoring and defence-in-depth controls
  • Optional hardened logical access models
  • SC clearance of all staff with logical or physical access
  • Website: www.memset.com
  • Address: Dunsfold Park Stovolds Hill Cranleigh, United Kingdom