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Located in the Czech Republic, the FORPSI data center CZ1 in Ktiš is the third private facility of ARUBA S.p.A.  international network of data centres. It  guarantees an excellent and safe service to customers in the Czech Republic and other European countries - especially Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

A few technical details:

  • • Size: 1500 sq. m
  • • Capacity: over 5.000 physical servers
  • • Type of building: reinforced concrete
  • • Property: privately owned
  • • Number of floors with server rooms: 1
  • • Number of IT areas: 2
  • • High density: yes
  • • Maximum floor load capacity (Kg/sq. m): 500
  • • Maximum height of raised floor (mm): 300
    • Unpacking room: yes
  • • Outdoor battery buildings: yes
  • • Fire extinguishing system FM200
  • Website: www.forpsi.org
  • Address: Ktiš, okres Prachatice, Jihočeský kraj, Czech