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Iliad DC4 Paris

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DC4 benefits of an exceptional localization in Paris’ city center. The facility offers a very high-secure, power-protected environment. It allows to house and operate mission-critical equipments and enables customers to achieve fast and well their entry to critical markets.


  • Total surface area of 7,000 square meters 
  • 24x7 on-site fully managed NOC 
  • 3 Meet-Me-Rooms 
  • 3 IT rooms 
  • 26 meters underground nuclear fallout shelter 
  • Built around Tier-III standard


  • Free-cooling system

  • Redundant air conditioning and cooling systems

  • Excess heat generated used to help warm nearby buildings

  • Realtime monitoring and automatic regulation

  • Optimized cold aisle containment


  • Secured loading docks
  •  24x7 on-site security guard
  •  Internal and External CCTV with complete site coverage
  •  Biometric scan & RFID badges 
  • Alarms monitored 24×7
  • Water mist system
  •  VESDA smoke detectors


  •  Secured loading docks
  • 24x7 on-site security guard
  • Internal and External CCTV with complete site coverage
  • Biometric scan & RFID badges
  •  Alarms monitored 24×7
  • Water mist system
  • VESDA smoke detectors


  • Rack, cold aisle containment, private cage, private suite
  • Remote Hands services 24x7
  •  On-site build & storage room
  • Managed office
  • Meeting room
  • Equipment lending