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EvoSwitch data center is located in the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands. The data center is just 16 km away from Schiphol Airport, 1500m from the highway (A5-A9) and less than 800m from railway station NS Haarlem Spaarnwoude.

The EvoSwitch AMS1 facility is a 3-story concrete and steel structure building, with prefabricated concrete and steel panel facades. With the exception of the offices, it does not contain any windows, ensuring maximum security. The data center currently spans more than 10,000 m2, with room to expand to 40,000 m2.

In EvoSwitch data hall 5 and above company use separate modular data center suites. These environments have an ultra-low PUE, redundant 2N dedicated power and cooling infrastructure.

Data Center Security Services

EvoSwitch places data center security at the forefront of its operations. The whole data center and offices are heavily secured against all possible forms of danger.
The highest precautions and preliminary countermeasures are taken to safeguard your housed installations, leading to minimized risk and maximum uptime for your (mission-critical) applications. EvoSwitch has a strict access policy. Nobody has access to your facilities without your prior approval. Anybody that wants access to the datacenter has to identify themselves with a passport or driver’s license.

All  security systems are checked on a regular basis and are fully certified. In addition, AMS1 dedicated security team remains in direct contact with all necessary local authorities to ensure complete protection of the data center.
Security Systems:

  • CCTV cameras (inside and outside)
  • Zoned-access control key card system with secure turnstiles
  • Visitors are escorted at all times within the building
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Access list
  • VESDA fire detection
  • Argon and aerosol fire suppression

Physical barriers:

  • Perimeter electric fencing
  • Secured loading dock
  • Ground floor 1+ m. above terrain (as well as all access doors)
  • Outside of flight paths

Entry protection:

  • Biometric scan
  • Electronic ID scan (passport)
  • All alarms monitored 24 x 7 x 365

24 x 7 x 365 services:

  • Security guards on-site
  • Monitoring
  • Mobile patrol of business area
  • EvoSwitch Data Center & the environment

A significant reduction in CO2 emissions and the use of sustainable energy can support the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

How EvoSwitch preserves the environment:

  • Very low PUE scores
  • Advanced technology saves 60-80% on energy usage
  • Cables through ducts, no hot spots
  • HF-lighting connected to movement sensors
  • BMS (Building Management System)
  • Increased awareness of energy cost and savings
  • Spearheading innovative green developments


EvoSwitch guarantee the highest possible datacenter availability while using less power than standard data centers resulting in a substantial cost reduction. EvoSwitch currently has an energy capacity of 25 Megawatts, with the possibility to expand up to 60 Megawatts. Because DC use multiple sources of power, data centers are always have enough power to run your (mission-critical) applications:

Power Supply:

  • Fully 2N equipped
  • 100% green energy
  • High density solutions (>32 kW)
  • Best-in-class efficient UPS
  • 99.99999 % uptime in 2N since 2007
  • 25 MVA current capacity (expansion up to 60 MVA)
  • 16 diesel generator sets (gensets)


Advanced data center cooling solutions drastically reduce energy consumption and housing costs.

Regular data centers’ cooling uses energy-wasteful compressors. This energy efficient cooling Free Cooling technique makes intelligent use of the outside air, which has an ideal temperature and humidity thanks to the moderate climate of the Netherlands.

Cooling overview:

  • Redundant cooling ACU (2N)
  • Cold and hot air separated (hot & cold aisle containment)
  • High-density cooling solutions
  • Standard 15kW (25 kW on request)
  • Temperature 24 °C (± 5 °C)
  • Relative humidity 50% (± 25%)


AMS1 unmatched 24 x 7 support services aid you with running your mission-critical applications in an optimized rack space environment. EvoSwitch can also assist you with the set-up of your software and hardware through infrastructure management services.
Certified EvoSwitch engineers and technicians provide comprehensive support services around the clock, using sophisticated network monitoring and reporting tools. In addition to the daily support teams, our Remote Hands rapid response service can carry out on-site tasks for you any hour of the day.

Available support services:

  • Standard:
  • Rack installation
  • 24 x 7 on-site engineering
  • Remote Hands
  • Physical observation
  • Tape handling service
  • Logistics support and storage
  • Advanced:
  • Router / switch configuration
  • Server OS installation & troubleshooting
  • SAN installation & troubleshooting
  • Database installation & troubleshooting
  • Connectivity

EvoSwitch is carrier-neutral and offers global connectivity with more than 45 carriers in-house and close proximity to AMS-IX, LINX NoVa and NL-ix
EvoSwitch administers all cables and patches, letting you safely connect to every destination in the world.
Data center include several Meet-Me-Rooms, which let telecommunications providers extend their services to EvoSwitch customers. Through these rooms you can utilize different types of connectivity such as direct optical fiber, UTP connections, IP Transit, Waves and Dark Fibers to your IT infrastructure.

Internal connectivity:

  • External routing: Ducts entering the building from 3 sides
  • Internal routing: Cables securely routed to the multiple Optical Distribution Frames (ODF) in the Meet-Me-Rooms
  • Internal cable control: Managed, labelled and maintained by EvoSwitch
  • Engineering support: resolve any connectivity problems within the contractual agreed upon service level agreements
  • Website: www.evoswitch.com
  • Address: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. Luttenbergweg 8 1101 EC Amsterdam