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Telehouse Dallas

Data center speed test

Current DC Regional Rank Continental Rank World Rank
Telehouse Dallas4.836.012.06
DC Name World Rank
Equinix DE1 Frankfurt 10
Interxion FRA1 Frankfurt 9.83
Myloc Düsseldorf 9.35
Plus Server SXB Strasbourg 9.15
Previder PDC2 Hengelo 8.78
Adman Novosibirsk 8.77
InternetCZ Ktis 8.7
Server Loft Strasbourg 8.56
Equinix AM1 Amsterdam 8.52
Iliad DC4 Paris 8.35
Aruba FR1 Paris 8.26
Interxion VIE1 Vienna 8.2
Luxconnect DC2 Luxembourg 8.11
NovoServe DC Doetinchem 8.06
Ovh RBX1 Roubaix 8.04
Aruba Cloud Slough 7.78
Link33 Berkshire 7.72
Hosteam Warsawa 7.61
Equinix ZH2 Zurich 7.59
Leaseweb GmbH Frankfurt 7.5
Telehouse North London 7.5
Bytemark YO26 York 7.48
WiboDC Kiev 7.4
ContaboMunich Munich 7.28
Novogara Amsterdam 7.11
CE Colo Prague 7.03
Equinix MA2 Manchester 6.84
Makonix SIA Gothenburg 6.83
Portlane Hagersten 6.82
GleSYS Portlane 6.76
United DC Kyiv 6.69
Rackray Vilnus 6.43
Garant-Park-Internet Ltd Vladimir 6.34
Sprint Olsztyn 6.23
Everest Link33 London 6.1
Interxion Paris3 Paris 5.99
Softlayer Amsterdam 5.83
Interxion MDA1 Madrid 5.83
Serve The World Oslo 5.66
EvoSwitch Amsterdam 5.52
Hetzner Online Data Center Park Nuremberg 5.43
Bacloud Siauliai 5.37
Absolute Solution Belgrade 5.35
bitNap Barcelona 5.31
Aire Networks Alicante 5.3
Optimus IT Ljubljana 5.28
Aruba IT1 Arezzo 5.27
Equinix SK2 Stockholm 5.16
Interxion London1 London 5.11
EvoSwitch Amsterdam 5.1
Ovh DC1 Paris 5.09
ITLDC UA1 Kharkiv 5.03
Bahnhof Pionen Hagersten 5.02
THC Servers Carcea 4.99
Telepoint Sofia 4.92
Advania Thor DC Reykjavik 4.9
Digital Reality NewYork 4.89
Safedata Moscow II Moscow 4.79
Telehouse London 4.72
Serverius Voronej 4.62
ISZT Budapest 4.58
Komplex-Info NignijNovhorod 4.54
Oak Tower Kansas 4.1
Rostelecom Krasnodar 3.99
Safedata Moscow II Moscow 3.99
Nexeon Buffalo 3.74
iWeb Montreal 3.4
CoreSite MI1 Miami 3.37
Equinix DA1 Dallas 3.36
Choopa Chicago 3.17
Equinix CH2 Chicago 3.14
Zayo DC Atlanta 3.1
Cologix TOR1 Toronto 2.98
Bezeq Int Israel 2.97
Choopa Newark 2.84
Hosting Solutions International St.Louis 2.81
Digital Reality NewJersey 2.75
SoftLayer Washington 2.74
EvoSwitch WDC1 Manassas 2.63
Webzilla Dallas 2.57
Makonix SIA Gothenburg 2.42
Equinix SV1 Siliconvalley 2.31
Equinix DX1 Dubai 2.24
Hetzner JNB1 Durbanville 2.23
CoreSite DE1 Denver 2.08
Telehouse Dallas 2.06
Hivelocity Tampa 2
CariNet SanDiego 1.97
Digital Ocean BLR1 Bangalore 1.89
Host Dime NewDelhi 1.84
Green House Data Seattle 1.82
c7 Data Center SaltLakeCity 1.8
Equinix SV SanJose 1.75
Psychz Networks Johannesburg 1.72
Vultr Singapore 1.68
Rackbank Indore 1.6
Equinix TY2 tokyo 1.6
Choopa Tokio 1.53
Mega iAdvantage HongKong 1.45
SNC UjnoSahalinsk 1.4
Softlayer Sydney 1.38
NextDC M1 Melbourne 1.36
Equinix SG1 Singapore 1.24
SpectrumHouse London 0.9
CityNet Host Cairo 0.37
ISP System Moscow 0

Telehouse has been operating leading data center and colocation facilities in New York for over 25 years. Highly reliable data centers providing 99.999% uptime, and the only few major colocation providers who were uninterrupted by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  

About Telehouse New York Chelsea:

  • Our latest New York data center is strategically located in Manhattan, at 85 10th Avenue offering 60,000 square feet of Tier 3 colocation space.
  • Connected to the Telehouse owned New York International IX, Telehouse NYC provides direct access to over 25 major carriers and 150 connectivity members.
  • Colocation facility designed and built for financial, IT and highly corporate service industries managing business-critical data.  

Fully Managed Data Center Services:

  • Telehouse Chelsea offers flexible colocation options from half a cabinet up to full racks and private cages. 
  • Fully managed speedy 24/7 remote hands support. 
  • Migration and hardware supply and maintenance. 
  • Domestic and global connectivity with access to CDNetworks Media Acceleration.  

Data Center Specifications


• Standard power to rack at 3.5kVA with scalable options to 5kVA

• Single power feed of 4.15MVA in a N+2 configuration is provided into the building

• Four static 750kVA (3,000 total kVA); 3+1 configuration 

• Two 2.5MVA diesel-powered generators fuelled to provide 80 hrs at full load

• Battery capacity at 15 minutes at full load

• Two to four independent power circuits per cabinet from the resilient banks of UPS on a (N+1) configuration

Air Conditioning and Cooling:

• Redundant N+1 cooling as 2 chiller systems with 4 risers

• Maximum external ambient temperatures of 24˚C and 50% humidity 

• Hot aisle/cold aisle zone design

• Four cooling towers

• Over 450 mm raised floor throughout 

• 24/7 central monitoring for all HVAC and building systems 



• Multiple bandwidth & IP connectivity options 

• Low monthly cross connect fees & choice of managed IT services inside or outside our facilities 

• Diverse external and internal fiber routes (POE & building risers), all supported with DSR-MDF-IDF high performance cabling 

• Peering with Telehouse America’s International Internet Exchanges allows you to interconnect to multiple transit providers versus connecting individually

• Both NYIIX and LAIIX are based on Brocade carrier class and high speed platform. Public and/or private peering via VLAN services is available. Route servers are available at both locations.