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Green House Data operates three data center floors in the Westin Building Exchange, the third largest carrier hotel in the country. Located on 6th Avenue in downtown Seattle's Denny Triangle, the Westin Building Exchange (WBX) offers high availability (up to five nines), over 250 carriers and service providers, and nearly 40,000 cross connects. In addition, WBX is home to the Seattle Internet Exchange, an independent peering point that boasts over 200 routers.

Carrier neutral interconnection makes this location an ideal jumping off point for customers who want access to the APAC market. Pairing connectivity options—to Asia, across North America, or at home in the Pacific Northwest—with Green House Data's trademark service levels delivers Seattle data center customers with highly customizable deployments, 24/7/365 technical support, remote access, and more.

The Westin Building Exchange houses tens of thousands of square feet of mission critical space, and the Green House Data suites feature power and cooling to meet any colocation requirements.

  • Total power 0.56 MW
  • Power density of 1.98 to 4.88 kW per cabinet
  • Diesel backup generators with priority fueling agreements
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • 120v/208v AC power
  • 500 Amp DC power
  • Proactive power management
  • Efficient climate control – hot/cold aisle segregation (containment soon to come)
  • 5.7 kW max load three phase PDUs


  • Website: www.greenhousedata.com
  • Address: Westin Building Exchange (WBX) 2001 6th Avenue, Suite 1919, Seattle, USA